I’m back! Been a while due to time constraints but back in the saddle now.

Over the course of the past few years I have done a number of locum tenens assignment (fill in for a doctor who is out on vacation or sick or other reasons). As well over these past year or so I have been teaching at a dental school and one of the topics is diagnosis and treatment planning. At the risk of stating the obvious, actually having  a diagnosis (relative to periodontal disease ) in the chart should be a given. In the near future, it will become the standard of care.  We pound this into the second year student’s head. But time after time I see a failure in the private dental sector to do the same. The diagnosis should be more than “gum disease”. To give you a brief example…..Mild chronic generalized periodontitis is a diagnosis which should be written in the chart. I suspect I am speaking more to the dentists but patients need to be aware of how  accurate their practitioner is being relative to their periodontal or gum status. Next time you are in the hygiene chair ask your hygienist what your diagnosis is and see the response. Just a thought….let me know if you have any questions.



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